[ISEA2016] Introduction: Theme: New Media and Cultural Heritage

Introductory Statement


Museums, archives, and other institutions dealing with cultural heritage are increasingly turning into new media for the purposes of preserving, researching, and disseminating both tangible and intangible cultural heritage. How can new media meaningfully support scholarly, archival, and educational practices involving cultural heritage? Which cases are worth special attention to learn from? How does the pervasiveness of social media challenge the screen-based paradigms in the context of new media in museums? How are recent innovations in immersive display and information visualisation technologies reflected in the discourse of cultural heritage? How do the historical, social, economical, institutional, and political complexities of cultural heritage practices map with those of new media technologies, and vice versa? What kind of creative and institutional strategies appear feasible for dealing with these complexities?

  • Dr. Kimburley Choi,  School of Creative Media,  City University of Hong Kong. Track Chair