[ISEA2016] Introduction: Theme: Massless: Liquid E-Occupy

Introductory Statement


After a 20th century of mass movements, labor revolutions, and explorations of the psychoanalytic subconscious, the 21st signals the birth of new methods of massless collectivity that (dis)empower the (dis)embodied: low-orbit ion-cannon DOS, doxing, whistleblowers, wikileaks, liquid democracy, e-occupy, Internet ’votations’, distributed sit-ins and long-tail internet-niche ideological-ecologies… What are the shapes of future real-time populist movements? Is the era of the street over, or is fiberoptics impotent without blood? What technically-optimized granular strategies can displace dystopia?

  • Dr. David Jhave Johnston, School of Creative Media City University of Hong Kong. Track Chair