[ISEA2016] Satellite Event: Symposium on Gender/Queer Sexualities and Digital Activism

Introductory Statement

Venue: Art & Culture Outreach (Hennessy Road, Wan Chai)


• Prof. Donna Chu, Associate Professor, Journalism & Communication, CUHK
• Prof.Yau Ching, Associate Professor (retired), Cultural Studies, Lingnan University
• Prof. Katrien Jacobs, Associate Professor, Cultural & Religious Studies, CUHK
• Ms. Sonia Wong, Doctoral Candidate, Cultural Studies, Lingnan University
• Ms. Xiao Meili, distinguished guest, Beijing, China
• Ms. Holly Hou Lixian, Doctoral Candidate, Cultural & Religious Studies, CUHK
• Mr. Francesco Macarone Palmieri, distinguished guest, Sapienza University & Gegen Berlin


• Dr. Christopher B. Patterson, Post-doctoral Fellow, Centre for Cultural Studies, CUHK
• Prof. Angela Wong, Associate Professor, Cultural & Religious Studies, CUHK
• Prof. Travis Kong, Associate Professor, Sociology, HKU

Organised by:

  • Department of Cultural & Religious Studies & The Centre for Cultural Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

For detailed information see the Presentations page of ISEA2016