[ISEA2016] Satellite Event: Microwave — Be Water Episode II

Introductory Statement

Satellite Event

Microwave International New Media Arts Festival is one of the pioneer­ing festivals of this kind in Asia. Since 2006, we have begun a grand re-branding with strengthened curatorial direction and new attempts in professional collaboration to engage the city in appreciating new media art and facilitating individual artists to develop new works. In 2015, we carried Be Water Episode I to the general public, with the edge of present­ing the concept of maker culture, to treat electronic media as water, and how artists and makers work within that concept to make a better world. Through the featured works in our exhibition and performances, we engage the pub­lic in a different way, to experience how art and technology merge together and build a relationship with the public. This year, Be Water Episode II will be presented from 3 June to 12 June 2016, to engage the public with the con­cept to treat data as art, and through the wide ranges of programmes, including an exhibition, performances, conference and screenings to bridge this idea to the general public, and aim to facilitate a discussion on how science and technology evolvement change the world of the  living and to continue the dialogue among the overseas / local artists and audience / students.

  • Microwave International New Media Arts Festival is a new media art festival based in Hong Kong. It began in 1996 as the annual video art festival for local video art collective Videotage. In 2006, it became independent from Videotage and in 2007 it officially became fully independent as the government’s previous “presenter” role was handed over to Microwave. The government remains the main sponsor of the Festival, although many more sponsors are sought for each year’s Festival. [source: Wikipedia]