[ISEA2016] Panel Statement: Katrien Jacobs — Hong Kong Women’s Queer Port Tastes and Twink Fantasies

Panel Statement

Panel: Sexually Explicit Imagery & Gender Politics in the Hong Kong Media Sphere

How do Hong Kong Chinese women respond to representations of sexuality and the sex act in mainstream and alternative pornographies? A cross-cultural GRF funded research study sets out to analyze women’s reactions to screened porn segments in Hong Kong, Japan and the USA. By outlining a cultural boom in trans-Asian women’s pornographies and how they are perceived in Hong Kong, the article defends women’s “drifting gaze” as one that projects intimacy as well as discomfort onto mainstream and female-friendly pornographies.


Video: Panel 1: Sexually Explicit Imagery & Gender Politics in the Hong Kong Media Sphere

  • Katrien Jacobs works as Associate Professor in Cultural Studies at Chinese University of Hong Kong. She received a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature and Media from the University of Maryland at College Park, USA. Her dissertation about 1960s/1970s performance art pioneered a unique blend of theoretical essays and video documentaries. She has continued to work as a scholar and media artist who employs different media and styles of reflection to examine people’s experiences with the body, art, media and sexuality. She has lectured and published widely about pornography, censorship and media activism in Hong Kong, China and global media environments.