[ISEA2016] Artists Talk: Suzete Venturelli & Antenor Ferreira Correa — Ephemeral Art and Interactive Art: The Quest for Preservation and Dissemination

Artists Statement

Understanding Visual Music Symposium is an international scientific meeting dedicated to developing knowledge in visual music. UVM 2015 Symposium focused on research-creation processes and the multiple relations between art, science and technologies. The participants had the opportunity to share research outcomes, show their artistic works, and to discuss concepts, current trends, technological innovations, aspects related to creativity and innovative use of technology. UVM 2015 was held in Brasília, Brazil, organized by Midialab – Laboratory of Research in Computer Art. In addition to the 27 visual music pieces screened, the event for the first time incorporated in its program a computer art exhibition. The works presented in this exhibition (entitled Visual Music: Interactions between Music and Image) offered the audience the possibility to participate in the creative elaboration of the work by interacting to the pieces, which were modified due to that interaction. The works dealt with interesting issues such as interactivity and innovative concepts of space-time, and the interfaces between music and image. The relationship between image and music received a special treatment, once most of the works presented in that exhibition explored interactivity possibilities in human-computer interface.

  • Suzete Venturelli, Universidade de Brasília, Instituto de Artes, Departamento de Artes Visuais
  • Antenor Ferreira Côrrea, Universidade de Brasília, Instituto de Artes, Departamento de Música

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