[ISEA2016] Artists Talk: Keyan Jiang, Joonsung Yoon & Jangwon Lee — Integration of Media Art and Chinese Culture Heritage

Artists Statement

This paper describes the development of the new media technology for our society, information transfer and the impact of cultural transmission. We discuss the new mode of transmission in new media era, cultural heritage in the process of the protection, and the important role of new media. Then, how to spread, inherit and preserve the Chinese culture heritage is the key subject. Media art and cultural heritage have been merging continuously, and have gotten results for the effect of visual communication that has an impact of cultural spread. When the cultural spread helps inherit the culture, it gets results for the cultural preservation too. The advanced new media technology projects are widely used for spreading, protecting and inheriting cultural heritage. We introduce a Kung Fu live show, “Kung Fu Legend” as a case study to briefly describe the production process with its significances. “Kung Fu Legend” using the digital technology with the narrator, scenery and music rendering, reveals the beauty of Kung Fu movement, and also expresses the significance of Kung Fu culture. Along with the visual and sound effects, the transformation of its background screen makes people be part of it, and the illustrations apply interactive technology by the power of art in order to protect and to inherit the culture heritage.

The proper way to spread and to educate contents of cultural heritage is the key issue for the cultural inheritance and the protection of cultural heritages. This is specific to the classification of the audience and the region, and we need a deep directional principle to spread the cultural heritage content. [1] We cannot avoid the fact that different content of cultural heritage in different environmental area strictly defines audience group. With the development of human society and evolution, the difference of the material life and spiritual life, which people pursue, is becoming bigger. [2] People who live in a cultural heritage area may not completely understand and inherit its content of cultural heritage. But outside the region, someone would like to go into the region to learn about it, and even want to develop its cultural heritage. The method for the spreading and the protecting cultural heritage can be shared and cooperated internationally, when we use the current new media technology properly.


1 Li Chen, “Debris of the Intangible Cultural Heritage and Its Solutions” Journal of Xuzhou Normal University (2, 2009): 87-91

2 Jinming Li, “Transmission and Protection of the Non-material Cultural Inheritance” Intelligence (28, 2014): 277-278

  • Keyan Jiang, Tianjin Normal University, Department of Media, Soongsil University, Seoul, Korea
  • Joonsung Yoon, Tianjin Normal University, Global School of Media, Soongsil University, Seoul, Korea
  • Jangwon Lee, Tianjin Normal University, Department of Media, Soongsil University, Seoul, Korea

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