[ISEA2016] Artist Talk: Nathan Guo — Media Art Rhetoric: A Case Study of Wanderl_st

Artist Statement

Along with the prosperity of (new) media art knitting with modern technology, the ways that media arts structure, express, appeal, elaborate and contextualize have never been so dynamic manifold and vivid. It has been evolving from grammatical phase to poetic
level. Roughly ten years ago, Lev Manovich discussed emerging new media in terms of attributes, literacy and possibility in his wellknown language of new media. Shortly after, some insights on new media poetry edited by Eduardo Kac came out. While modern rhetoric evolved and expanded into wide variety of domains, including natural and social science, journalism, advertising, fiction, architecture and so forth, yet the linkage between media art and rhetoric keeps relatively unaddressed. This artist talk would present briefly on the analogy research by applying the rhetorical theory and the case study of the piece called Wanderl_st, which is an interactive installation which utilizes the digital dartboard system as an agent of google map navigator . This talk aims to provide a framework for analysing the strategies reflected in numerous categories of media art projects and to propose a paradigm of media art creation.

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  2. New Media Poetry: Poetic Innovation and New Technologies, “Visible Language” Vol. 30, No. 2, Rhode Island School of Design, 1996.