[ISEA2016] Artist Talk: Mitre Azar — Disembodiment Of The Gaze As Political Battlefield

Artist Statement

The talk investigates how processes of gaze disembodiment / gaze virtualization related to new technologies of vision, can be addressed as an emerging political-aesthetic battlefeld, marking new regimes of visibility and, in parallel, new regimes of truth. Moreover, the research aims at introducing a new type of onto-epistemological category describing the hybrid organic-digital online-offline circulating subjectivity involved in these processes. Via a post-phenomenological approach connecting especially the Google gaze circuit (Google-based technologies of vision such as Google Maps, Google Car, Google360, Google Glass), to drone technologies, virtual reality devices, neural network for robotic visions, haptoclones (holograms that users can touch), and the latest Google patent for uploading personalities of death people on robots – the presentation connects processes of gaze disembodiment / gaze virtualization to new processes of subjectivation, de-subjectivation and trans- individuation, envisioning their social, aesthetic and political consequences.

  • Mitre Azar