[ISEA2016] Paper: Stahl Stenslie – Microtemporality: Techno Sex in Art: Mating Man and Machine In the Solve et Coagula Experiment

Abstract (long paper)

Techno Sex concerns embodied and situated experiences. One central research question is in how far advanced technologies allow for corporeal and physical techno-sexual experiences? In particular how one can establish satisfying physical connections between technologies and humans? The paper presents Solve et Coagula as one of the imperative media art projects to create a physical amalgamation between a human user and a computer programmed to feed of the users emotions. The project demonstrates how a tactile bodysuit in combination with the development of a haptic language can be used to create corporeal connections in applications relevant to techno sex. The project reveals usability issues relevant for the design of future haptic systems facilitating for intimate relations between humans and machines.

  • Prof. Stahl Stenslie, Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark

Full text (PDF) p. 216-222