[ISEA2016] Paper: Laura Plana Gracia — Noise Responsive Systems: How do those change the infrastructure of the Institution?

Abstract (short paper)

Sound studies are incorporating signal analysis, rhythmanalysis, physics, engineering and computation. According to Shannon and Weaver, signal analysis is the principle to understand all processes in information theory. This process follows the schema: sing – storage – transmission. Signal emission is produced in communication systems, computing and noise responsive environments. Rhythm is a characteristic of signal emission, and its detection and transmission is studied for example through the experimentation with electromagnetic devices. As a result, noise is produced. Noise is defined in Norbert Weiner as a nondesired message. However, content and context, support and message in noise responsive systems cohabit in the electronic continuum generated by signals to be deciphered.

  • Laura Plana Gracia, Independent researcher, ES/UK

Full text (PDF) p.  334-337