[ISEA2016] Paper: Keung Hung – How the Traditional Chinese Idea of Time and Space Can Be Applied through Digital Moving Images

Abstract (long paper)

In this paper, I argue that traditional Chinese thinking and its manner of approaching art can be successfully expanded onto a different platform: digital media art. My research (both in theory and practice) shows how this transformation expands the notions of time and space and forges new interdisciplinary correlations by addressing traditional Chinese culture in four different but interrelated manifestations: the philosophy of Dao, calligraphy, painting and sculpture. As a result, I claim that digital media can shift the notions of time and space from traditional Chinese thinking into contemporary digital art. Conversely, the digital concept of time and space can be interpreted by an analysis of the traditional Chinese philosophy of Dao, as well as a new understanding of ‘scroll format’ and Chinese digital art has been introduced through my own practice.

  • Keung Hung, School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

Full text (PDF) p. 83-87