[ISEA2016] Paper: Karin Weissenbrunner — Joke Lanz is spinning the records: Analysis and graphical representation of an improvised concert of Experimental Turntablism

Abstract (short paper)

Homemade and reused devices in experimental music are the result of compositional ideas and processes. In this contribution, I want to show that the record player as an instrument in live performances provides manifold possibilities to create signal/noise relationships. The analysis of sound artist Joke Lanz’s improvised concert reveals individual sonic concepts that liaise signal and noise, playback and live manipulated sounds. These concepts are realised by manipulations and prepared turntables or vinyl discs. The turntable, uniting mechanic and electronic processes, creates unique affordances and material properties that link sound and physical gesture. The resulting sounds of Lanz’s turntable performances are media-specific. My analysis will show this by focusing on the interaction of the performer with the instrument. The analytical methodology includes ideas of materiality and mediality of performances. As a new tool for an analysis, the software EAnalysis was used to incorporate the video recording next to graphical representations of the sounds.

  • Karin Weissenbrunner, City University London, UK

Full text (PDF)  p. 356-359