[ISEA2016] Paper: Byeongwon Ha — An Origin of Interactive Art: Nam June Paik’s Progressive Musical Instruments

Abstract (short paper)

Nam June Paik is recognized for being known as the father of video art. However, some recent research about Paik focuses on his early interactive art. Since Exposition of Music – Electronic Television Revisited in 2009 represented his first solo show in Wuppertal in 1963, the study of his early interactive art has gained momentum. Nevertheless, regarding Paik a pioneer of interactive art is still a minor opinion in art history. This paper explores Paik’s rich background about his early interactive pieces. When he studied musicology and composition in Germany, he wrote several articles about new music for Korean readers from 1958 to 1959. These still remain unexplored materials for both Korean and Western scholars. Among them, “Chance Music” was written right after meeting John Cage. It reveals significant clues to articulate his fundamental concept about interactive art. Based on the music background, Paik found how to appropriate musical instruments to make interactive art in his own way.

  • Byeongwon Ha, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, USA

 Full text (PDF) p. 286-289