[ISEA2016] Panel: Andrew Demirjian, Xtine Burrough, Heidi Boisvert, Ellen Pearlman & Cassini Nazir — Emerging Platforms for Artist Interaction

Panel Statement (abstract)

Emerging Platforms for Artist Interaction is a panel that explores new ways artists use emerging media to fulfill traditional human communication strategies for exchanging ideas, expanding resources, critiquing new work, providing/receiving emotional support and developing communities.

This panel discussion investigates how artists use widely available platforms like Loomio, Creative Disturbance, Meetup, Google Hangouts/Drive and Concept Board in
resourceful ways to nurture human connection. Four distinctly different methods are shared by representatives from each group in a discussion format to unearth what
is unique to their approach and the surprising interaction outcomes resulting from their use of emerging platforms as the basis for connection. Collectively, these groups are self-organizing to meet the challenges of our time starved, spatially divergent environments, countering the harsh climate of global capitalism and terror. The conversation is geared around the emotional and psychological work that these
platforms provide to sustain community and intellectual curiosity and to help artists nourish well being and human connection in their lives and practice.

  • Andrew Demirjian, Hunter College, NY, US
  • Xtine Burrough, University of Texas, US
  • Dr. Heidi Boisvert, Harmony Institute, US
  • Ellen Pearlman, Hong Kong City University, HK
  • Cassini Nazir, University of Texas, Dallas, US

Full text (PDF)  p. 404-405