[ISEA2016] Panel: Sarah Cook, Edwin Coomasaru, Morgan McKeehan, Charlotte Frost & Louise Shannon — Rapid Response Art History: Tools and Techniques for a Fast-Changing Art World

Panel Statement 

Art history has been largely concerned with ‘after the event’ forms of analysis – as evidenced in its heavy reliance on exhibition reviews and catalogues for instance. Yet timesensitive creative events like Hong Kong’s Umbrella Revolution (2014) remind us of the need for effective archival and critical response mechanisms. Art historians, archivists and curators understand what data they will need to work with in the short and long term if digital and new media, time-based, live, and event-based arts are to be adequately preserved, analysed and historicised. Yet there are no clear models for rapidly capturing relevant materials ‘in the moment’.

  • Sarah Cook, University of Dundee, UK
  • Edwin Coomasaru, The Courtauld Institute of Art, NY, US
  • Morgan McKeehan, Rhizome, US
  • Charlotte Frost, City University of Hong Kong
  • Louise Shannon, Victoria and Albert Museum, UK

Full text (PDF) p. 401-403