[ISEA2016] Panel Statement: Tanya Toft & Susa Pop — Turning the City into a medium: stories of media arts city

Panel Statement

Satellite Event: Smart Cities and Media Architecture

la space, Unit 14, Cattle Depot Artist Village

Presented by Microwave
Co-presented by K11
Moderated by Shannon Walsh

Also Book launch

  • Susa Pop is a curator, cultural entrepreneuer, lecturer, artistic director and co-founder of Public Art Lab, the Urban Media Art Academy and the Connecting Cities Network. Having originally studied Design at the University of Arts, Berlin and EU Cultural Management, she is interested in curating translocal networks / scenarios and creative city-making platforms through urban media art which foster digital placemaking, community building and citizen science at the intersection of urban planning, creative technologies, science and economies.
    [source: mab20.mediaarchitecture.org/speakers/susa-pop]
  • Tanya Toft, later known as Tanya Ravn Ag, DK. Through writing, research and curatorial projects, I work with art as a matter and mode of caring for its participation in human technocultural evolution and contemporary, digitally networked conditions of existence. tanyaravnag.net
  • Shannon Walsh (CA, moderator) is a theorist, film maker and assistant professor at the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. shannonwalsh.ca