[ISEA2016] Artists Statement: Michael Denton & Anna Mccrickard (Overlap) — Aquatint

Artists Statement

Audiovisual Performance, or autoplayback installation or single screen, 2016, Variable time

  1. “Aquatint” is a bespoke mix of Overlap’s award winning transitional landscapes: a mesmeric dance of shapes, lights and abstract imagery on the cusp of the recognizable, reflecting the emotional response we experience in powerful natural environments: atmospheric, sensory and textual, delivered through a systematic patterning within a void and augmented by their melodic minimalist music. A plastic view of nature.
  2. “Running Forest” is a middle distance electromagnetic slide through an endless forest.
  3. “Lazy Wave”. Underwater sky, a surface never reached.
  4. “Cloud Edged”. Perhaps the purpose of abstrac [original text truncated, editor]

A stream of singularities appears to have effectively been harnessed to create sequences of image and sound that recall the familiar texture of bodily experiences shown through an abstracting filter. It appears less necessary to determine location and geography than to exist in the moment, experiencing phenomena within the framework of an immersive virtual experience”. _Ashley Wong, Sedition Arts

  • Michael Denton & Anna Mccrickard (UK) are Overlap. Overlap creates atmospheric audiovisual performances, installations, single screen videos and VJ performances for the international media/ music festivals and arts circuits. They have developed a style outside film, TV and video art – a way of abstracting and combining imagery that has a musical or painterly logic rather than a narrative based or conceptual one. A visual take on serialism: wallpaper with conceits. Recent works explore the relationship between still and moving imagery through systems of implied motion within transitions, use of discreet picture planes and obscuration techniques. The view is in movie time but limited to flat photographic space, viewed through a perceptual keyhole, more akin to memories and dreams than cinema. Overlap’s music is atmospheric, melodic and minimal: collaged musical spontaneity. Recent soundscape albums Tracks between Trees, Slowsound and Greylight Green are sometimes orchestral in scale, sometimes spaciously empty. As experienced VJ’s, Overlap understand how perfectly 4/4 beats support live visual mixing. In the above albums they have kept the even timing and removed the beats, blending a mix of English folk, electronica and melodic drone into an ideal vehicle for visuals. Violinist, singer and composer Eos co-writes and performs vocals and violin, Andy Dragazis contributes to the arrangement and production. These sessions have been heavily manipulated, fragmented, inverted, time stretched and effected – then dropped into a constant echo speed, resulting in a happy marriage of improvisational freshness within a dry arrangement, a sublime ‘Edwardian electronica’. Experiments with sound and image are distilled into single screen pieces, forming useful components for audiovisual installations and performances. overlap.co.uk

Full text and photo (PDF) p. 96-97