[ISEA2016] Artists Statement: Marianthi Papalexandri-Alexandri & Pe Lang — Untitled II and V

Artists Statement

Untitled II
Performance of mechanical instruments, 2010, 20’00”. 

The performance took place at the opening of the IEA2016 juried Art Exhibition.

Untitled V
Kinetic Sculpture, 2013
“Untitled II” builds on modified membraphones developed by Marianthi Paplexandri-Alexandri as main instruments utilizing Pe Lang’s motor-activated devices. The work creates and explores a soundscape of mechanical-produced long sustained sounds and textures with organic character and without any post processing.
“Untitled V” is a kinetic sound sculpture that consists of miniature speakers acoustically activated by a motor driven mechanism, centered upon a frictional mechanical construction.
In their works, both artists combine mathematics, physics and poetry, making us wonder at what we see and hear, while reminding us that the world is full of surprising and beautiful things that are ultimately explained but never completely broken down into spoken language.

  • Marianthi Papalexandri-Alexandri (b. 1974) is a Greek-born sound artist working in Berlin. She is known internationally for her subtle sound constructions employing few means, which she makes both herself and together with Pe Lang. Her works are in the borderlines of sound art, musical composition, visual objects and performance, and they ex- plore the factors that link these art forms. The world of sound and the visual appearance of the works are in continuous interaction, and they are uncompromisingly precise, pure and economical in their means. marianthi.net
  • Pe Lang is a Swiss-born artist professionally active in Berlin, whose works are moving constructions. He carries on the tradition of constructivist and kinetic art, doing so in a captivating and fascinating manner. Lang’s works apply and take command of the forces of nature and the phenomena of physics: magnetism, friction, gravity and electricity. His re- liefs, sculptures and installations combine self-made mechanical systems with wonderfully severe structures. The results are logically surprising, elegant and fascinating works in which each part justifies it- self through its relationship with the whole.

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