[ISEA2016] Artists Statement: Carla Chan — Black Moves In Square 黑動

Artists Statement

Framed video installation, 2016, 2’59’’

“Black moves in square” is a framed mini video installation that continues the series focus in exploring natural transformation via digital imageries and the interplay between virtual and physical space. From a distance, the image displayed inside the black frame appears to be still; yet as the audience approaches closer, subtle and gradual transformations of the image appear and start to pull one into this deep and endless microcosmic world. The tiny ultra-resolution display commands and heightens the audience’s perceptual attention and experience, intensifying the infinitesimal complex transformations on the screen, playfully mirroring the original work with an inverted scale. Video: BLACK MOVES    Video: Scope Session #56 @ MIRA Festival

  • CARLA CHAN works with a variety of media, such as video, installation, photography and interactive media. Much like the never-ending development of new technology, Chan considers media art as a medium with infinite possibilities for artistic expressions. Minimal in style and form, Chan’s works often toy with the blurred boundaries between reality and il- lusion, figure and abstraction. Her recent practice focuses on the ambiguity in nature. Bridging natural transformation and unpredictable computer algorithms, her works are consolidated with a cohesive dynamic between form, means and content. “Black moves in square” springs from my long obsession and fascination with natural transformations, particularly formless shapes and their movement. The transformative power of natural substances such as water, rock, air and clouds produce infinite varying forms that seem both ordered and random at the same time. These magical transformations continuously disorient and fascinate the senses, creating a rich perceptual journey that is chartered for a mysterious unknown cosmic. This unknown cosmic can be seen as a representation of an external world as well as a mirror of the psyche from within, where the immanent and the transcendent are fused as one via the ever-changing audiovisuality. carlachan.com

Full text and photo (PDF) p. 60-61