Artist Statement

Single-channel Video, 2016, -01’45’’

Referring to the metaphorical bond between technology and nature, the film questions the realities we create using constructed and very similar illusive imagery that erase the line between real and artificial, obvious and mysterious, finding beauty in synthetic experiences. It questions our current obsession with a memory, which often becomes more important than the event itself. The title suggests the idea of neglected moments being put together to create, morphing from one form to another, the thread of digital existence. “Synthetic Curiosities” is an exploration of the contemporary friction, made through repetition and slight shifts. Our common contemporary identity is formed through repetition of events, blurring the line between the real and digital.

  • Zinka Bejtic: Director, Editor, Narrator. ZINKA BEJTIC is a Canadian visual artist, filmmaker and educator interested in exploring contemporary culture and social theories through experiments in time-based and digital media. Her main interest lies in critical reflection on the implications of new technologies on social behaviors. Her work is based on a wide range of modalities ranging from design, experimental film to video art. Specifically, through experiments in editing and sound design Zinka’s work combines equal measures of the provocative and the sublime in a wide variety of time-based and installation media. Her works have been presented internationally in various exhibitions and festivals.  zinkabejtic.org
  • Belma Zvizdic: Sound Design.

Full text and photo (PDF) p. 31