Artist Statement

Installation, 2015. Optical fibres, LEDs, Raspberry Pi and custom software

“Light Catcher” is a dialogue between sound and light. The installation is composed of numerous optical fibres that interact with sound. Sound is the driving force, light is generating the space. An electric spark is igniting the reaction. Light is entrapped inside the optical fibres, reacting only to sound stimulus. Acting like a catcher, the installation absorbs and emits light. This results an emergent dance of light from the fibres and the reflections on the surrounding surfaces. The white light dominates the installation but shades of other colors exist to highlight an audio event, like the sounding French horn playing a minor second interval. The visitor is invited to walk around the installation and explore the different visual and audio aspects.

  • YIANNIS KRANIDIOTIS (Greece) is new media artist and musician whose work focus on creating spaces and experiences by combining sound and light. By isolating minimal concepts, like the movement of a pendulum, new perspectives are created which reveal an inseparable relationship between science and art. This requires a cross-disciplinary work with music, sound art, visual arts, electronics, physics and coding. kranidiotis.gr

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