[ISEA2016] Artist Statement: PE LANG — MOVING OBJECTS

Artist Statement

Kinetic Sculpture, 2016

“Moving Objects” is a kinetic sculpture consisting of motors, rings, and silicon wire that approach the visual phenomena between chaos and order and challenges the viewer to constantly seek patterns and principles. The technology behind the art – the machines, the wiring, the motors – is integral to Pe Lang’s piece, bringing the audience in touch with the technical processes that are so often hidden in our high-tech society.

  • PE LANG is a Swiss-born artist professionally active in Berlin, whose works are moving constructions. He carries on the tradition of constructivist and kinetic art, doing so in a captivating and fascinating manner. Lang’s works apply and take command of the forces of nature and the phenomena of physics: magnetism, friction, gravity and electricity. His reliefs, sculptures and installations combine self-made mechanical systems with wonderfully severe structures. The results are logically surprising, elegant and fascinating works in which each part justifies itself through its relationship with the whole. pelang.ch

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