[ISEA2016] Artist Statement: Luke Pendrell — Superluminal

Artist Statement

Video, 2015, 2’00”, ISEA2016 Hong Kong Open Sky Project

Ours is a world in vertigo. It is a world that swarms with technological mediation, interlacing our daily lives with abstraction, virtuality, and complexity.
_Cuboniks, Laboria, Xenofeminism: A politics for alienation, 2015.

The fractured drift of the perpetual loop and harsh regression of the gif animation with its belligerent stutter both in their own way present new modalities, ruptures in our understanding of time, new paradigms, variant ontologies, recursive action, indefinite progression, endless reiteration. High frequency trading algorithms, twitter feeds, data flow, meme generators, click streams; modernity hums with relentless aetheric data coursing through the veins of our cities. Jon Collyer: remix of ‘Ether’ soundtrack, audio.

  • Luke Pendrell is research & Academic Program Leader in Visual Communication at the School of Art, University of Brighton, UK.