[ISEA2016] Artists Statement: Katsufumi Matsui & Tatsuya Ogusu — Boundary Synthesizer II Live Set

Artists Statement

Performance, installation, 2015, 60’00’’

“Boundary Synthesizer II LIVE SET” is an interactive audiovisual performance that translates familiar moving images such as cityscapes and fireworks into impressive sound. The horizontal “boundary” line is extracted from the outline in each video frame and directly transformed into a sound waveform. Users can play with Boundary Synthesizer II by changing the video contents, controlling the frequency and manipulating the image data using image effects such as twist, mirror and mosaic. Thus, this is an audio-visual synthesizer in which the oscillator’s waveform is structured by the visual boundary. This waveform is being changed in time by videos, and unexpected sound artifacts, that is noise, continue to be generated automatically. Therefore users need to explore the intuitive and expressive connections of image and sound by operating it. This is a non-pliable, but expressive digital musical instrument.

other credits: Seico, OKAMOTO, Shinsuke YASUI

  • KATSUFUMI MATSUI (born in 1985 in Yamagata, Japan) ’s works are focused in the areas of sound installation, audiovisual performances, image sonification and new interface for musical expression.   katsufumi.info
  • TATSUYA OGUSU (Japan) ’s research interest is a method of composing contemporary music based on abstract paintings.  ogsn.org

Full text and photo (PDF) p. 186-187