Artist Statement

Two-channel video, Loop, 2012

“Marginal Consent”. Channel One Poses associated with hysteria in the late 19th century are re-enacted (inhabited) by the artist and posted on amateur porn/ tubesites on the Internet. Channel Two Scroll of collected comments left by users of the porn/ tubesites. By using early photographic images of female hysterics (1890-1910) as a reference for re-enactment (inhabitation), and then (re)positioning them on porn sites, the definition of sexual content is challenged. The work was removed from RedTube for not being sexual in nature, and has been taken down from other site for a myriad of reasons. Despite being diagnostic aids, there is a sexual under/ overtone in many of the original “hysteria” photographs. Due to the limitations of early photography, the patients needed to hold the poses for several seconds for documentation; thus there are elements of voyeurism and (solicited?) performance that resonates with the voyerusitic/exhibitionistic nature of Internet porn.

  • DANA DAL BO currently lives and works in Montrèal, Canada. Her work moves in and between photo, video, textiles, performance, and the net; it is a fusion of these mediums with her diverse background in psychology and modeling. She draws inspiration from reality TV, surveillance practices, the history of medicine and psychology, infomercials and pop culture. Themes of contemporary anxiety, voyeurism, exhibitionism, narcissism and feminism dominate her work. danadalbo.com

Full Text and photo p. 80-81