[ISEA2015] Workshop: Johnty Wang & Axel Mulder – I-CubeX Sensor Integration with M+M and Creative Coding Platforms

Workshop Statement

In this tutorial, we present the integration of I-CubeX sensors with popular creative coding platforms such as openFrameworks, as well as the integration with the Movement+Meaning (M+M) middleware. In the first half of the tutorial, we introduce the I-CubeX sensor family as well as M+M, provide quick demonstrations followed by a hands-on session of connecting to and integrating with various kinds of sensor data. In the second half of the tutorial we combine use of creative coding platforms with the tools and techniques learnt earlier to build a small interactive application, followed by a showcase of the results. Duration: Whole Day. icubex.com/isea2015

  • Johnty Wang, Input Devices and Music Interaction Lab, McGill Universit, Montreal, QC, Canada. PhD student from the Input Devices and Musical Interactions Laboratory, McGill University and software developer at Infusion Systems. Research on sensors and gesture mapping for new musical instruments, software systems and HCI.  johnty.ca
  • Axel Mulder (NL), President, Infusion Systems, Montreal, Canada.  May I-CubeX you ?