[ISEA2015] Workshop: Glen Farrelly, Bryn Ludlow, Martha Ladly, Ana Jofre & Laura Wright – People, Places and Things: A Mobile Cultural Mapping

Workshop Statement

This practical hands-on workshop will instruct participants in current narrative practices that use locative mobile media and Google Earth mapping tools. Cultural production is about people (both contemporary and historical); places (existing situations, and their connections with the past); and things (artifacts and archives). In this workshop participants will learn how to explore people, places, and things through the creation of personal narratives, in small collaborative groups. They will visit and locate their stories in public spaces at nearby places of cultural significance in the historic Woodward’s mixed-use redevelopment in the old Gastown neighbourhood of Vancouver, participating in the creation of new media works that connect with potential audiences both local and remote, through mobile storytelling, and interactive GPS mapping within the Google Earth dataset. peopleplacesthingsworkshop.wordpress.com

  • Martha Ladly, & Laura Wright, OCAD University, CA.
  • Ana Jofre received her PhD in Physics from the University of Toronto, Canada, did Post-doctoral work at NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) in Gaithersburg, MD, USA, and taught -and did research – at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte (USA) for six years before transitioning her career towards the arts. She then completed her MFA at OCAD University in Toronto. Her publications and conference presentations cover a wide range of intellectual interests, from physics to critical theory, and she has exhibited her artwork extensively. Her creative and research interests include figurative sculpture, the aesthetics of camp and of the uncanny, public pedagogy, human-computer interaction, and data visualization. She is currently employed as a post-doctoral fellow in the data visualization lab at OCAD University in Toronto, and will be, as of fall 2017, faculty at SUNY Polytechnic Institute in Utica NY. onewomancaravan.net
  • Bryn Ludlow, York University, CA
  • Glen Farrelly, University of Toronto, CA