[ISEA2015] Workshop: Anastasios Maragiannis & Janis Jefferies – Tweeter the Workshop: Practice in Writing

Workshop Statement

We are currently at a transition between being completely overwhelmed by mass production of technological innovations and trying to understand the “concealed” value or our role in this process. Will explore the use of typographic elements and text through interdisciplinary screen based design practices. It is based on the user experience captured through a series of experimental workshops driven by key design principles: readability, usability, and interaction; and focusing on an in-depth analysis of the screen in relation to type, and its use not only for reading purposes, but also on our role through this interaction process: “the human screen relationship”. A tweeter approach that will allow the participants to explore new ways of reading and writing. Duration: Half Day. teraslab.co.uk/?page_id=185

  • Janis Jefferies, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK. Jefferies is an artist, writer and curator and internationally recognised for her curatorial work, publishing and exhibitions of studio practice in Europe, Canada, Australia and Eastern Europe (400 research entries on the Goldsmiths Research database). Her areas of expertise lie at the intersection of arts and technology (textiles, performance, sound, publishing), new economic business models (NESTA) cultural heritage (museums and archives).
  • Anastasios Maragiannis, University of Greenwich, London, UK. Anastasios is the Academic Portfolio Leader and Principal lecturer in Design Theory & Practice, in the department of Creative Professions and Digital Arts, University of Greenwich, London. Anastasios is also the Co-leader of the “Digital Grand Challenge”, a series of research projects that investigates how theory can shape digital practice and vice-versa; as a way to enhance multiple interactions across numerous disciplines, including, Architecture, Arts, Design, Computing, Humanities and other Sciences. His intersubjectivity research project explores design thinking across creative industries and the role it plays within the academic environment.  gre.ac.uk/about/faculty/ach/study/cpda/staff/anastasios-maragiannis