[ISEA2015] Tutorial: Shawn Lawson – Introduction to Live Coding OpenGL Shaders

Tutorial Statement

Live-Coding is a growing field of performance in Europe and North America. In both continents the primary focus of live-coding is audio. This tutorial will be an introduction/crash course into using OpenGL Fragment Shaders for live-coding graphics. We will be using a toolkit designed around WebGL and run in Google Chrome. The contents of the tutorial will be: a brief explanation of the tool, how it’s constructed, and how it works; a brief explanation of which parts of OpenGL will be used, how it works, and some basic functionalities; some simple hands-on coding examples; finally, adding in an audio source with some hands-on examples for some live-coding experience. Any programming experience is helpful but not necessary. Duration: Half Day. shawnlawson.com/isea2015-tutorial

  • Shawn Lawson, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, USA. Shawn Lawson is an experiential media artist exploring the computational sublime with technologies like: stereoscopy, camera vision, touch screens, game controllers, mobile devices, random number generators, live-coding, and real-time computer graphics. His artwork has exhibited in museums, galleries, festivals, and public space in England, Denmark, Spain, Russia, Italy, Korea, Portugal, Brazil, Turkey, Malaysia, Iran, Canada, and across the USA.  shawnlawson.com