[ISEA94] Artist Talk: Gia Rigvava – A General Overview to Video and Media Art in Russia

Artist Statement

Video and the new media art in Russia are basically characterisized as follows:

  1. In the socialist ideologized society (the mechanism remains unchanged even today), the media is considered as state-run mechanisms of power.
  2. The means of media are extremely distanced from individuality, because they belong to the ‘anonymous Other’.
  3. Video and the new media hold specific place in the consciousness of the Russian artists.

Visible analogies in the problematics of art theory in Russia and in the West in the field of new media and video:
1. The state of things in Russia.
2. Analogical processes in Western art.
3. Visible future perspectives.

  • Gia Rigvava was born in 1956 in Tbilisi, Georgia. Graduated from Moscow International Relations Institute in 1978 and Surikov Art Institute in Moscow in 1986. Started creative activities in 1987. Active participant in artistical processes in Moscow in Post-soviet time – from 1992. One of the most visible figures in the Russian art in the 90’s.