[ISEA95] Curator Statement: ZKM — New Found Land

Curator Statement

Interactive videodisc installation, a retrospective of the MultiMediale 4, the biennale of new media art held at the ZKM/Karlsruhe (Germany), May 12-25, 1995. The mediated landscape is a digital topography whose network cosmography mirrors the real world into a televirtual imaginative and social space. In this new landscape, the traditional boundaries all come into question: inside/ outside, reality, fiction, I and the other. Art invents new relationships that imbue the bountiful emptiness of the New Found Land with meaning. The installation New Found Land was co-produced by the Museography Laboratory of the University de Montreal.

  • ZKM is the Zentrum fūr Kunst und Mediatechnologie (Centre for Art and Media Technology) in Karlsruhe, Germany.