[ISEA95] Artists Statement: Nicole & Norbert Corsino – Traversees

Artists Statement

This project of video-choreographic installations is an arrangement of sequences composed of the maritime episodes from Circumnavigation and Totempol, a hybridization of sequences filmed in Vancouver with digital sequences elaborated using the software Life Forms. A map is created by the simultaneous and fragmented recomposition of recurrent sequences appearing in different episodes. A type of catalogue where each staged space opens like a rubric, and of which the body in search of passages of dance is the through-line.

  • Nicole & Norbert Corsino, France. These two choreographers and producers established their dance company N + N in Marseille. Since 1986, they have chosen to move away from the habitual performance spaces, the theatre stage and its variations, towards an audiovisual platform, that of video. They first integrated sequences of digital images in their videodance scenario of 1988, Les Pres de Mme Carle. Their direction and interests can be defined as exploring the areas where dance can come to life and be clarified; and seeing how the movement of the body modifies these new spaces.