[ISEA95] Artists Statement: Isabelle Choiniere, Jimmy Lakatos & Michael David Smith — Communion

Artists Statement

Satellite Event

Communion is a multidisciplinary work which attempts to delimit the relationship between real and synthetic bodies, a kinaesthesia originating inside the natural body which is assembled electrically through electronic flesh and skin.

Collaboration: Corps Indice, Agora de la danse, O’Vertigo, ICARI, PRIM, Conseil des arts & des lettres du Quebec — secteur Arts multidisciplinaires et multimedias.

Acknowledgments: Katherine Beaudoin, Alexandre Burton, Fernando Collazo, Marc Deserrano, Daniel Ethier, Richard Gravel, Marc Leclair, Richard Lorrain, Axel Morgenthaler, Eric Portelance, Maryse Poulin, Marie Tebbs.

  • Isabelle Choiniere (Canada) holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Concordia University in Montreal and has been interested in the electronic arts since 1992. A choreographer, performer, analyst and art consultant, she explores the physical and psychic limits of the natural and synthetic body through a reflection influenced by living art and critical writing (or text).
  • Jimmy Lakatos (Canada) is a multimedia designer and co­founder of the Synergie collective. He was technical coordinator at PRIM, a video production studio for several years. In the field of media arts, he acts like a networking idea machine, a sounding of new techno-ideologies and a broadcaster of raw material. This is one of the reasons he has been approached by Jean Frederik Messier pour Helter Skelter, Carole Nadeau, Isabelle Choiniere et Palomar, among others.
  • Michael David Smith, Canada. Originally an acoustic instrumentalist, he combines his passion for acoustic music with his computer talents to explore the worlds of synthesis and digital audio from the point of view of a composer. For several years he lectured at Musitechnic Services educatifs inc. and is now on staff at the Research and Development Department of Softimage-Microsoft.