[ISEA95] Artists Statement: Elsa Stansfield & Madelon Hooykaas — Table of Orientation

Artists Statement

Lying on the table is a bronze cast relief map of a non-specific landscape, and a magnifying glass. The surface of the map is divided into eight areas, one of which is a built-in monitor screen. Central to the work is a laser disk with which the viewer can access a sequences of images. When the observer moves the magnifying glass from one zone to another, the images on the monitor respond accordingly. Each of the areas on the mapalso has an aspect of depth which becomes visible to an observer who spends more time in one area. The sequences related to depth are arranged according to movement, place, people, text, and sound.

  • Elsa Stanfield [1945 – 2004] was born in Scotland and Madelon Hooykaas was born in the Netherlands. In collaboration they have produced a large body of work in diverse media since 1975. “…from the museum of memory to the personal observatory”. Many of these works are site sensitive audio/video installations which intervene in the subtle dialogue between the viewer/listener and some aspect of their surroundings. Much of the source material for this work is gathered by the artists while they are travelling.