[ISEA95] Artists Statement: Algojo)(Algojo & Neil Wiernik — BIOSKOP (codexcinetiques)

Artists Statement

Satellite Event

This is a performance installation in an interactive biomechanic process. Its components are placed in various variable time-spaces. It is rather hard to define by looking at the devices used: a sculpture of electromagnetic waves, punctual changes to the installation without previous notice, constantly changing formulated photos (through an http site on the Internet), pirated broadcasts, bodies acting like transmission antennaes, telepresence on the street… Bring your portable radio to catch the pirates or any electromagnetic weaver!

Produced with Neil Wiernik (Toronto) and performing collaborators Jocelyn Robert (Quebec City) and Tetsuo Kogawa (from Japan via the ISEA95 Internet site) and other guests.

  • Algojo)(Algojo (Appalaches),
  • Neil Wiernik (Toronto, Canada)