[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Ulrich Suesse — Les Vusions

Artist Statement

Les vusions was commissioned by GMEB (France) for the 500th birthday of Francois Rabelais. Structures in the work are drawn from the sound and coherence of Rabelais’ language. In the title, the vowel i replaces the vowel u. The vowel u was treated in a particular fashion by Rabelais: prolonged, filtered, transposed. Analogous to the sound u is the sound of horns and brass. Their calling nature unifies the visionary possibilities of 1494 with those of 1994, particularly in South Africa.

  • Ulrich Suesse (Germany) Born in 1944, he studied composition in Europe with Karkoschka and Stockhausen and in the United States with Berio. He is a lecturer in Durban (South Africa) and a professor in Stuttgart (Germany).