[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Sylvie Bélanger — Silence of the Body

Artist Statement

The artist has been exploring the relationship between the human body and new technologies for several years, usually integrating photographic transparencies or video in her works. In this work, she uses photographic images, an on-site camera, and video and computer transformed images in order to project the body into technological space, dematerializing and fragmenting it by various processes. Her work raises numerous questions about the influence of communications, of altered human images and of biotechnology on the personal and the social identity of human beings. This photographic installation is presented by the art gallery La Centrale as part of De la lumiere an exhibition organized in collaboration with Dare-dare, Dazibao and SKOL for the 1995 Mois de la photo.

  • Sylvie Bélanger (Canada). Born in Quebec, this multimedia installation artist now lives in Toronto and teaches at the University of Windsor. A Fine Arts graduate from Concordia University, she received a Masters in Fine Arts from York University. Since 1984, her work has been exhibited in Canada, England, Belgium, Holland, France, Germany and Spain. She is represented in Toronto by the Linda Genereux Gallery and in Montreal by Galerie Samuel Lallouz.