[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Stephane Choquette, Pierre-Benoit Lemieux & Pierre-Paul Beauchemin (LCD 25) — Kaléïdoscopix

Artist Statement

The viewer is wrapped in the light of a videoprojection beaming from a device, where the subject’s reflection is perpetually represented. An evocative soundscape further enhanced by the strength of its imagery, the work exists as a leap forward into an uncharted universe revealed only through its own technology. This apparently playful interaction between reflection and integration questions the relationship between the individual and the mass, being so close, yet so far, possibly unreachable, the unfathomable space between a galaxy and the single cell within it.

  • LCD 25 (Canada) Group of three researchers and amultimedia artists: Stephane Choquette, involved in imaging, explores various forms of visual expression and deals with perceptions and the interpretation of reality; Pierre-Benoit Lemieux, a producer/director of short films and videographer whose research includes computer graphics, photography, video and also cinema; Pierre-Paul Beauchemin, grant holder from University du Quebec a Montreal, visual designer and model-maker.