[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Patrick Kosk — Der Raum Traum / Distrak Sillalla / Plastique sans titre

Artist Statement

Der Raum Traum (1994) uses as its sound material the rubbing and beating of an empty petrol can. Distrak-Sillalla (1992) is based on a search for a compositional language in relation to the sound materials, which in their acoustic profiles are a collection of cultivated concrete sounds (natural objects, machines). Plastique sans titre (1994) is based on three different sound characters: the recording of a plastic bag, the aforementioned petrol can, and water.

  • Patrick Kosk (Finland) Born in 1951, he studied electronic music at Helsinki University. He has worked as a composer/sound designer at Finnish Radio, EMS (Stockholm), GMEB (Bourges), TU (Berlin), INA/GRM (Paris) and in Reykjavik. He works in electroacoustic composition as well as with different collaborations for the stage, radio and film. His roots are to be found in the musique concrete tradition.