[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Eric Mattson — Desert Inn

Artist Statement

Screening. 1993, Canada, 4:00

This infographic denounces this hypocritical war that was the Gulf War. Western governments fought for petroleum, this product essential to the proper functioning of our civilization, while their citizens, mere spectators, awaited with relish the meager images that their governments spilled out to them. Meanwhile, the enemies were crying and dancing.  
Production: Infogothic Visions, JA Center in Sève. HIS: Bill Vorn
[source: vitheque.com/fr/oeuvres/desert-inn-les-pieuvres]

  • Born in Paris in 1957, Eric Mattson lives and works in Montreal, Canada He completed a master’s degree in communications at UQAM in 1993. His thesis-production, Leak, Point of Leak , consisted of an interactive computer installation. In 1990, he co-directed with Alain Mongeau the videotape Vision Infogothique, a computer animation, which won a prize at the International Festival of Video and Electronic Arts in Locarno (Switzerland) and at the Yorkton Festival (Saskatchewan). [source: vitheque.com/fr/producteurs/eric-mattson]