[ISEA95] Artist Statement: George Mühleck &Michael Schlosser — Fine Art, Fine Chess, Fine Data

Artist Statement

Fine Art, Fine Chess, Fine Data combines the visual use of a cellular automata implemented onto chessmen by Georg MOhleck with chess compositions by the mathematician Michael Schlosser. The work involves prints of Roman and Teutonic creations on the wall, a chess game and a computer inviting the visitor to compose, re-compose or simply play a game of chess. Data creations in the visual field and the aesthetics of chess compositions face analogous problems: choice.

  • George Mühleck (Germany) is an artist who creates with copiers, video and computers. He has organized international exhibitions in the copigraphic field, curating and publishing Medium: Photocopy, Canadian and German Copigraphy. He has had 90 exhibitions in North America and Europe and received awards from The Canada Council (Ottawa), Kunstfonds e.V. (Bonn), and “Der Goldene Plotter” (Museum Gladbeck/GeK).
  • Michael Schlosser (Germany) is a mathematician who studied at the Karl-Marx-Stadt University of Technology. He received a diploma in mathematics and a Ph.D. in computer science in 1990. He has lectured and published in the field of computers, chess composition and the arts.