[ISEA95] Artist Statement: George Legrady — Slippery Traces

Artist Statement

Viewers navigate through a maze of three hundred interconnected postcards representing a diverse range of topics. Each postcard contains approximately five hotspot or links, each of which, when selected by the viewer, leads to a different image. The hotspots links are based on literal, semiotic, psychoanalytic, metaphoric or other connections. A database algorithm keeps track of each move, weaving a second level story based on the sequence of the viewer’s choices. This statistical analysis, or metaphoric trace is constantly updated and adjusted.

  • George Legrady (Hungary/Canada) is Associate professor in Information Arts/ Conceptual Design at San Francisco State University. He has received awards from the NEA, Voyager/Interval Research and the Canada Council. Upcoming exhibitions of his interactive installations will take place at the Mcsarnok Museum (Budapest), the Biennale d’art contemporain de Lyon (France), and Photography After Photography (Munich).