[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Char Davies — Osmose

Artist Statement

Special ISEA95 Event

Osmose, an immersive virtual-reality installation involving Head Mounted Display technology and stereoscopic video projection, is a work developed at Softimage. A poetic representation of Nature, Osmose seeks to establish a visual, aural and interactive aesthetic that goes beyond conventional VR. A work-in-progress exploring the potential of immersive virtual space as a medium for visual/aural expression & kinaesthetic experience of philosophical ideas.

Char Davies and her team gave a special presentation about Osmose at the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art, followed by a reception hosted by Softimage.

Concept and direction: Char Davies,
Graphics: Georges Mauro
Virtual reality software development: John Harrison
Music composition and programming: Rick Bidlack
Sound design and programming: Dorota Blaszczak
Executive producer: Daniel Langlois.
Sponsored by: Microsoft Softimage and Silicon Graphics

Real-time video capture of immersive environment “Osmose”, during a fly-through performance at the Musée d’art contemporain, Montréal, August 1995.

  • Charlotte Davies, (Canada). Born in Toronto, she is currently Director of Visual Research at SOFTIMAGE (Montreal) and has exhibited in North America, Europe, Japan and Australia receiving the Prix Distinction (computer images) at Ars Electronica ’93. Her current areas of research are real-time interactive and immersive computer-generated environments and the history and philosophy of ‘Nature’.