[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Anna Gabriele Wagner — Emergence

Artist Statement

My work is created through a creative exploration of morphological relationships. I use images of the ‘real’ in animate and inanimate nature. I then manipulate and compose these images in the computer in multiple layers, using computing as an artistic language and means of discovery, rather than a production tool. I reveal invisible, yet inherent layers of images from the ‘real world’. Through adding and subtracting pixel values from two or more different images or applying algorithms to those values, I literally dis-cover the unseen virtual beauty.

  • Anna Gabriele Wagner. Born in Austria, she works in the field of computer graphics and experimental animation and video. She received a MFA in Computer Art from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. She also has a background in architecture and performance art. Her work was awarded an Honorable Mention at Ars Electronica (1994).