[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Adolfo Nunez — Jurel

Artist Statement


Jurel is based on flamenco music which can be very virtuosic, combining singing, guitar, clapping, dancing and “jaleos” (shouting to encourage dancers and guitar performers). The whole result is a rhythmically precise and coherent mix of sounds and music with strong drive and expressivity. I have extrapolated a new type of flamenco based on its own elements. The title comes from a phrase used to encourage performers: “Vamos ya, jurel” (go ahead, jurel). Jurel was produced at the LIEM-CDMC Laboratory (Madrid) and the GMEB (Bourges).

  • Adolfo Nunez (Spain). Born in Madrid in 1954, this composer, guitarist and engineer studied in Madrid, Stanford (CCRMA), and Paris (UPIC) and has composed both electronic and instrumental works. He is the author of the book Informatica y Electronica Musical (Ed. Paraninfo). His computer music works are recorded on the CD “Anira”.