[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Louis Philippe Demers & Bill Vorn – The Frenchman Lake

Artist Statement

The work is an ecosystem composed of sensitive and expresseve cybernetic organisms, a hybrid between nature and the artficial, addressing the level of simulacra to implant artificial life. The installation is comprised of a network-society of sixteen submarine robotic units coexisting in a comman basin around which viewers can circulate freely. Each organism is composed of a pneamatic actuator, a speaker, a light source and sensing device. The choice of an aquatic environment comes from the quest to recreate unusual habitats using robotics organisms, a space which also acts as a catalyst of new possibilities for sound and light diffusion.

  • Louis Philippe Demers. Born in Montreal in 1959, he is a lighting designer, software engineer and independent electronic artist. His main works are audio-visual robotic installations and interactive performances. He completed one year of doctoral studies in robotics (McGill) and was artist-in-residence at The Banff Centre (Media Arts).
  • Bill Vorn. Born in Montreal in 1959, Bill Vorn is now making music with noise using computers and digital processing. He is also working on a Communication Ph.D. thesis at University du Quebec a Montreal .