[ISEA94] Paper: Marko Peljhan – Ladomir-Faktura: Science of the Individual, The mapping of Ladomir


The redefinition of social and individual terms and the subsequent materialization of their redefined status in new evolutionary conditions, demands appropriate physical, psychic and material preparation.

PROJEKT ATOL tries to enable the creative communication of individual forces to converge into a scientific/psychic entity, that would in it’s last stage result in the creation of an insulated/isolated environment – space/time. The redefinition of social and individual terms and the subsequent materialization of their redefined status in new evolutionary conditions, demands appropriate physical, psychic and material preparation. PROJEKT ATOL tries to enable the creative communication of individual forces to converge into a scientific/psychic entity, that would in it’s last stage result in the creation of an insulated/isolated environment – space/time. Insulation/isolation is understood as a vehicle to achieve independence from, and reflection of the actual entropic social conditions. The environment will serve as a development surface for the further formation of new, creative social, spiritual and economic relations, based solely on integral individuality. LADOMIR ‘faktura’ is the first, training stage of the project pointing the way towards the achievement of final PROJEKT ATOL goals.
– Communication will be developed through technological, representational (awareness of fiction/non fiction) and pedagogical systems.
– Insulation/isolation autonomy (a new category) will be achieved through energy/material and space/time autonomy and independence. The de-materialization of logos will be replaced by the logoization of the material.

– Methods for the augmentation of maximum sensory awareness and sensory connection will be used throughout the work.
LADOMIR-‘faktura’ is not only a work of art (with the limitations of that term) but a progressive activity in time, based on the belief that ritualization of utopian conditions and forms and their projection in real space/time leads to concrete social evolution in the intermediate environment. This can then overcome the ever-actual discontinuity between categories of science/ technology/physics/ art/ spirituality and in turn converge in a wider definition, an optimal landscape of free creativity and integral individuality.
The work is being developed in three stages:
– The first stage consists of the engineering and projecting process (structure planning, construction of instruments and gears, construction planning, artistic material planning,
historical research, programming).
– The second stage is the particular materialization of these processes using and taking  advantage of different media, (performance, lectures, data disks, publications, video, film) with
the purpose of establishing a dialogue with a wider context.
– The third stage is the materialization of the LADOMIR-‘faktura’ modular autonomous  construction and environment in nature, with open communication lines and memorization
and reflection modules. With it, the mapping of LADOMIR will begin in real space/time and the observation and evolution of the science of the individual will take place.

  • Marko Peljhan Studied stage directing at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. In 1993 he founded PROJEKT ATOL, an on-going art project that includes work in diverse media (theater, film, computer work, performances/lectures). At the moment he is producing his new scenic and media work LADOMIR.