[FISEA’93] Panel: Stewart Dickson, Timothy Duffield, Rob Fisher, Helaman Ferguson, Frank McGuire, David Morris, Steve Pevnick & Bruce Hamilton – The Computer As A Tool for Sculptors: Sculpting in Cyberspace

Panel Statement

Sculptors today have the opportunity, if they choose, to explore human/machine interaction by employing new technologies in a “traditional” art form. This exploration accommodates a breadth of experience and approach, from Stewart Dickson’s sculpture of mathematical surfaces to Timothy Duffield’s fantastic landscapes; from Rob Fisher’s crystalline spaceframe sculpture to Helaman Ferguson’s direct carving celebrating mathematics; from Frank McGuire’s sculpture derived from principles of genetic evolution to David Morris’ “river crystal” fountains and cascades. In the work of these sculptors, the computer is both tool and inspiration. In the work of these artists, the boundaries between disciplines begin to dissolve.

  • Stewart Dickson (Chair)
  • Timothy Duffield, artist, UK/USA
  • Rob Fisher, Artist-in-Residence in Engineering at Penn State, USA
  • Helaman Ferguson
  • Frank McGuire
  • David Morris
  • Steve Pevnick
  • Bruce Hamilton