[FISEA’93] Artist Statement: Eleine Breiger — partnership among technologies

Artist Statement

With the Digital Arts 3-D modeling program, I create an object and then operationally —
spinning, stretching, sliding — recreate it to view it in a changing perspective. Additional
surface changes with texture maps, along with the almost unlimited palette to color light,
allow this provocative, metamorphic process to continue.

Negatives are made to create photo etchings, and these respective images form the metal
plates that are prepared for inking — a transfer of projected light to pigment — which culminates in a print made possible by a partnership among technologies.

[editor’s remark: this artist statement was published in the FISEA’93 Catalogue without a title of the work]

  • ELAINE BREIGER, Artist; Instructor, School of Visual Arts, New York City, USA